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Photocopiers of 2012 - How to Choose the Best One


theknot.com Are you in the market for a new copier? There are some things you need to know. You need to decide between a black-and-white or color copier. It should have sufficient capacity to fulfill any needs that you have. Looking at other models may be necessary, especially if you need one that does printing and faxing as well. Choosing the right copier is an important decision. Let's look at the best photocopiers of 2012 so you can make the right choice. http://www.smileyphotobooths.com/

If you're looking for an efficient and compact multi-function machine, you need to take a look at the Xerox Workcentre 3220. Xerox is a well-known brand and it once was the leader in copiers. In fact today, most people say "xeroxing a page" to refer to the act of copying a page (even if the machine they use isn't by Xerox).

Xerox's domination in copiers may be over, but it does make good quality copiers. Many users find the Workcentre 3220 to have a few innovative and cost-saving features. With the Workcentre 3220, you can scan your document, save them as electronic files, and edit those files on your computer. This machine also comes with high yield ink cartridges so you can keep the cost of of ink down.

A great multi-function machine that will print, copy, fax, and scan documents is the Lexmark Prevail Pro705. It's ideal for small offices because the machine can be connected to Ethernet and wireless networks. Because the machine uses high yield ink cartridges, it's an economical way to print or copy documents. There is also a 5-year warranty on the machine. This warranty period is pretty generous, considering that not a lot of people these days keep their devices for over 5 years. The Lexmark Prevail Pro705 has an Eco Mode to help conserve energy. It also does duplex printing to save paper. The Lexmark Prevail Pro705 is sold for less than $200 at many stores online. theknot.com

If you want a really great copier but you don't know if you have the budget for it, you might think about renting one. If your business doesn't have room in the budget right now for such a big purchase this is your best option. If you have a short term project or job for which you need to do lots of copying, this is a good way to go. This way you're only paying for what you are using. There are quite a few copier rental companies out there, so do a little bit of research so that you know you can rent from the one that has the best reputation. It's also important to make sure you understand all of your terms and conditions. For example, when the machine needs a repair, do you have to pay extra for that from your own money or is it covered through your contract? We have looked at a few of the best photocopiers of 2012 and taught you a few things that should help you narrow down your shopping options. While you'll be able to find more than a few extremely cheap lower cost copiers out there, it's important to be certain that the one you buy is actually going to do what you want it to. Before you settle on a copier, be sure to check the specs and look into the track record. theknot.com

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